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We are Tauranga Builders who love building high-quality homes and lifestyles in Tauranga.

There's nothing better than stepping into your new home for the first time. We at Precise Builders are dedicated to designing a space that matches you and your family's needs, down to the last detail. Precise Builders believes your new home should be a masterpiece that will complement your lifestyle for years to come.

The Precise Builders experience is a good one, with a team dedicated to your Tauranga build.

We are a local team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate Tauranga home builders. Quality is what we strive for as home builders in Tauranga, which is why every member of our team has been extensively trained to provide quality workmanship that shines through during the build process of your Tauranga home. 

Precise Builders are with you at every stage of the project and we work hard to make sure that your building becomes your dream home. We do this through our well-established design to delivery process, good management, and regular communication. You are welcome to join Dave for weekly onsite catch ups, so you can see your new home taking shape. This level of care and communication makes us one of the most sought after building companies in Tauranga.

Tauranga New Builds - Your Custom Tauranga Home

New Build Services Tauranga

When it comes to building new homes in Tauranga, Precise Builders is here to make the process as transparent and stress-free as possible for you to have the home you have always dreamed of. Get a glimpse into our new build process and why you will enjoy building with us.

Home Renovations - Home Extensions Tauranga

Renovation Building Services Tauranga

Precise Builders are trustworthy and experienced Tauranga builders for your home extensions and renovations. We have successfully provided clients with innovative design solutions that suit their lifestyles for many years. Whether your family is growing, or you just want more from your living space, a renovation could be just the thing for you. At Precise Builders, our focus is improving people's homes with quality workmanship across renovation projects both large and small--whatever fits their needs best.

Why choose us?

First and foremost, you will get a team of Tauranga builders who are dedicated to making your home building dreams come true. With experience spanning two decades, across two continents, we have the background, qualifications and drive to make it happen. Our commitment to quality combined with your needs in mind means we will strive to provide a team of fully qualified Tauranga builders to offer a seamless transition from beginning to end. Mount Maunganui, Te Puke, Papamoa and Omokoroa are only a few of the areas across Tauranga that we service. We cater to the greater Tauranga area, so you can rest assured wherever it is you are, Precise builders can be there too. 

We found Precise Builders’ attention to detail, ability to follow plans and level of communication throughout the project was outstanding. They organised the site well with all staff and subcontractors, working together to achieve our sometimes quirky requests and delivering what we wanted (and what council needed).

Dave & Anita
Papamoa Renovation

New Home Builds and Renovations Tauranga

Whilst we pride ourselves on being Tauranga new build experts, we know that sometimes starting from scratch is not the best way to complete your dream home. That is why we offer a range of services for those who are looking to renovate their existing home. Imagine how your life could change by adding another bedroom, bathroom or living room to your home. 

Whether your family is growing or you are just looking for a new, better way to spend quality time with friends and loved ones, renovating the living spaces in your home can dramatically impact the lifestyle that you lead. If you have found the perfect location, but the not-so perfect home, visit our renovations page, or view our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below outlining how best to prepare yourself before planning any renovation project.

Whatever your needs are, we have the skills and experience to get you exactly what you want.


How long will it take to build my Tauranga new build home?

It can take anywhere from six months depending on the size and type of house you are building. Here at Precise Builders, we build homes of high craftsmanship and quality. Good things take time - and we will give you a reasonable and accurate deadline for your project during the planning phase, while striving to stick to that deadline.

How much does it cost to renovate?

The prices of renovation will vary depending on what you are aiming for and how big the project is. We are happy to have a comprehensive consultation with you to discuss the size and pricing of your project. We work closely with clients to make sure they can achieve their building goals without breaking their budget. 

We do recommend speaking with your bank first to be clear on the budget you have to work with.

What needs to be done before we start the build?

Planning is one of the most important aspects of building your dream home in Tauranga. Head over to our 9 step building plan. We have outlined the 9 key steps you need to follow when building a new house. To read more about the best process to follow click here: Designing and Building from the Ground Up: The Complete Process

We also recommend speaking with your bank first to identify the budget you have to work with.

Are you looking for a reliable building company in Tauranga? As long-standing Tauranga builders, Precise Builders have been trusted to build top-quality homes from Papamoa to Mount Maunganui and beyond...

When hiring a builder in Tauranga, word of mouth is the tell-tale sign of a top-quality product and service. We are proud to be time-tested builders in Tauranga who thrive on repeat custom and referrals. Our team of dedicated builders in Tauranga complete each project with the kind of precision Tauranga’s locals have come to expect from Precise Builders. 

Precise Builder’s fully qualified in-house quantity surveyor can advise you on building designs that are suitable for Tauranga’s climate. Our quantity surveyor is able to provide project proposals detailing the outlay for building your new home in Tauranga. Our comprehensive proposals consider house plans, square meters, fittings, fixtures and custom details that are unique to you.

We are fully qualified Licenced Building Practitioners with professional accreditation from the New Zealand Certified Builders Association.

We are fully qualified Licenced Building Practitioners with professional accreditation from the New Zealand Certified Builders Association. Our Tauranga-based building company employs some of Tauranga's most experienced and trusted building professionals. Whether you are looking for a high-quality new build, renovation, extension, or re-clad to your existing home, we provide great value for money with a full guarantee on all of our workmanship. 

The team at Precise Builders is proud to have received consistent 5-star reviews from a growing list of satisfied clients throughout Tauranga. Our qualified Tauranga builders will work alongside you to ensure your Tauranga build meets our 5-star standard from start to finish. If you are looking for well-established Tauranga builders with a proven track record, look no further than Precise Builders.

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Precise Builders - Pre Build checklist for new house builds

Building a new home? It’s an exciting journey to embark on. But before the first frames go up, there’s plenty of preparation to be done and paperwork to be completed. Our Pre-Build checklist for new houses will help to explain what will take place before your construction begins.

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If you are looking to build new, or renovate, talk to our team first. We are the experienced Tauranga builders you need for your build journey.

The Precise team is proficient in both construction and project management. We believe in transparent building projects that are stress-free for clients. These factors make us the leading new home builders, as well as the recommended rural home builders in Tauranga.


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