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4 Questions to ask your builder before designing your home build in Tauranga

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking of building your very own dream home. Your home is quite possibly the biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make, so it’s crucial that you hire the right team of Tauranga builders to get the job done! 

Before you rush out and get started make sure you read these four questions that you should always ask before selecting a builder.

1. Are you part of any builders’ association?

If there’s anything you take away from this post, make it this! Here in New Zealand the NZ Certified Builders and the Master Builders Association are the main building organisations. 

While you can still find great builders who aren’t part of either of these, choosing to work with a builder registered with one of these organisations means that not only can you be certain that their quality of workmanship is up to standard but also that you’ll receive comprehensive 10 year guarantees, giving you both financial and emotional peace of mind both during and after the construction.

2. How many projects do you currently have under construction?

A building company with many current projects is often a company with high demand and a good level of customer trust and satisfaction.

However, be wary of a builder that is taking on an unmanageable number of projects at one time. While a large number of projects generally shows reliability, too many is an indication of a builder who idealizes quantity and skimps on quality. 

Steer clear from this type of builder as they often have reliability issues and could become a hassle to deal with.

3. Can I have a look at some of your past projects?

Having a look at a builder’s previous work will help you determine if they will be able to cater to your unique style. Also, ask for the contact details of past clients. Speaking to past clients will provide extra information from the perspective of somebody who was once in your shoes. Ask them about the quality of service they received, if would they recommend this Tauranga home builder? And any other questions that come to mind.

4. Can I have a quote?

Make sure you ask for a quote before selecting your builder. As tempting as it is, don’t immediately hire the builder with the cheapest quotes! After all, you wouldn’t want to skimp on your biggest asset! 

Ask the pricier builders what makes them worth more than their competitors. Perhaps they use higher quality materials or offer extra support and services. Find a balance between price and quality that suits your budget.


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